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You can upload (or access at a URL) a file in SBML format and have its syntax and internal consistency tested. This system supports all specifications of SBML through Level 3 Version 1 Core (Release 1). Passing this validator doesn't guarantee a file is 100% correct SBML, but it's the best automated assessment available.

In the form below, select an SBML file on your computer, or type the URL of an SBML file located on another computer. The file can be uncompressed, or compressed using zip, gzip or bzip2.

e.g. C\:Program Files\SBML\MyModels\l2v1-branch.xml

Check consistency of measurement units associated with quantities (SBML L2V4 rules 105nn)

Check correctness and consistency of identifiers used for model entities (SBML L2V4 rules 103nn)

Check syntax of MathML mathematical expressions (SBML L2V4 rules 102nn)

Check validity of SBO identifiers (if any) used in the model (SBML L2V4 rules 107nn)

Perform static analysis of whether the model is overdetermined

Perform additional checks for recommended good modeling practices

Perform all other general SBML consistency checks (SBML L2V4 rules 2nnnn; highly recommended)

Remove all packages not officially supported in this release of libSBML

Your file must be stored temporarily on this server to validate it. It will be used only for that purpose. If the validator itself exhibits an error, the SBML Team may need to inspect your file to ascertain the cause. Your file will never be passed willingly to any third party, and it will be deleted after a period of time. By clicking on the "Validate" button above, you grant the SBML Team the right to access and store your file for these purposes. To achieve greater privacy, you may instead wish to download libSBML (which contains the validator) and run it on your private computer. No one associated with the SBML project, its hosting institutions, or anyone else, will be held liable for any breaches of privacy involving this service.

Limitations: (1) The content of SBML <annotation> elements is only checked to be proper XML. No additional <annotation> validation is performed; consequently, a model may have errors in its annotations yet still pass validation. (2) For performance reasons, the maximum file size supported by this service is 15 megabytes. (3) Only the HTTP protocol is supported for URLs; i.e., only addresses that begin with http://. (4) Some models may take very long to validate, but this system will terminate validation after 15 minutes regardless of whether the process has completed.

The online SBML Validator is the work of Benjamin J. Bornstein, Akiya Jouraku and Michael Hucka. It is an interface to the validation engine built into libSBML 5.20.2, written by Sarah M. Keating, Akiya Jouraku, Frank Bergmann, Benjamin J. Bornstein and Michael Hucka. This version of the validator uses the XML parsing library libxml.

You can bundle this validator in your program or use it remotely over the web.