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This tests the syntax and internal consistency of an SBML file. Passing this validator does not guarantee correctness, but it's the best automated assessment available.

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Validation options:

Check consistency of measurement units associated with quantities (SBML L2V4 rules 105nn)

Check correctness and consistency of identifiers used for model entities (SBML L2V4 rules 103nn)

Check syntax of MathML mathematical expressions (SBML L2V4 rules 102nn)

Check validity of SBO identifiers (if any) used in the model (SBML L2V4 rules 107nn)

Perform static analysis of whether the model is overdetermined

Perform additional checks for recommended good modeling practices

Perform all other general SBML consistency checks (SBML L2V4 rules 2nnnn; highly recommended)

Ignore SBML Level 3 packages that are not officially finalized

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This validator supports all specifications of SBML through Level 3 Version 2 Core (Release 1), as well as all Level 3 packages for which specifications exist. The validator supports the COMBINE Archive (see potential restrictions here).

Limitations: (1) For SBML Level 3 packages that have not been finalized, validation is limited to XML syntax only; consequently, a model may have other errors in its use of Level 3 package constructs yet still pass this validator. (2) SBML <annotation> element content is always only checked for proper XML syntax; the content of annotations is not validated; consequently, a model may have errors in its annotations yet still pass this validator. (3) The maximum file size allowed is 32 megabytes (compressed or uncompressed).

The change log summaries recent changes made to the Online SBML Validator.

This facility is the work of Frank T. Bergmann, Michael Hucka, Benjamin J. Bornstein, and Akiya Jouraku. It is an interface to the validation engine built into libSBML 5.20.2. This version of the validator uses the XML parser library " libxml ".

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