SBMLToolbox 4.1 API

This manual describes the application programming interface (API) of SBMLToolbox, an open-source (LGPL) MATLAB/Octave toolbox for writing and manipulating content in the Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML). This version of SBMLToolbox supports all releases of SBML up through Level 3 Version 1 Core Release 1. For more information about SBML, please visit on the Internet.

All functions can be used in both the MATLAB and Octave environments.



MATLAB_SBML Structure Functions

MATLAB_SBML Structures

The following sections detail the structures of individual component types.

Level 3 FBC package

This version of SBMLToolbox (4.1.0) includes support for creating and manipulating structures representing the SBML L3 Flux Boubd Constraints (fbc) package.


This and other projects of the SBML Team have been supported by the following organizations: the National Institutes of Health (USA) under grants R01 GM070923 and R01 GM077671; the International Joint Research Program of NEDO (Japan); the JST ERATO-SORST Program (Japan); the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture; the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; the BBSRC e-Science Initiative (UK); the DARPA IPTO Bio-Computation Program (USA); the Army Research Office's Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies (USA); the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (USA); the California Institute of Technology (USA); the University of Hertfordshire (UK); the Molecular Sciences Institute (USA); the Systems Biology Institute (Japan); and Keio University (Japan).