SBML Test Suite Documentation

This page provides detailed information about the SBML Test Suite. The source code, as well as ready-to-run releases and other materials, are available from the project repository on GitHub.

General information

Whether you are a software developer, or a software user interested in testing someone else’s software, the following general information should help get you oriented.

Overview of the SBML Test Suite
If you are new to the Test Suite, start with this page. It provides a general explanation of the various Test Suite components.
Test case organization and formats
This page explains in more detail the various files included with each SBML Test Suite test case, and how those files are intended to be used.

The SBML Test Suite in detail

Whether you use the standalone SBML Test Runner to run tests, or whether you write your own test-running framework, the following information is crucial to understanding the test cases and testing principles.

Basic principles of running a test
Testing a software package using the SBML Test Suite requires making the software package read specially-designed SBML models, perform actions on the models, and compare the results of the actions to expected results.
Evaluation of test outputs
The information about test run parameters is stored in a file named NNNNN-settings.txt in each individual test case folder. This page describes this file and how the values in it are used to assess whether the output of a software application are within acceptable tolerances for the test.
Configuring an application test wrapper
To use an application with the SBML Test Runner, you need to write a small script or program – a wrapper – to interface between the Test Runner and the application. This page explains how.

Known issues

We try to inform users of potential interactions and known problems. Please let us know of any we missed by reporting them using the tracker.

Issue tracker
The bug and issue tracker for the SBML Test Suite lists pending issues and lets you report new ones.

Additional information for developers

The following are resources that may be relevant to developers.

SBML Test Suite Database
The SBML Test Suite Database publicizes software systems’ support of SBML as determined by their performance on the SBML Test Suite. Software developers can upload their test results to the database, to make them known to the world.
GitHub repository for the SBML Test Suite
This link takes you to the repository for the SBML Test Suite in GitHub.
Pivotal Tracker for the SBML Test Suite
The SBML Team uses Pivotal Tracker to plan and coordinate development. This page provides information about the conventions used by the team.