Installation of JSBML extensions and modules

JSBML implements support for SBML Level 3 packages using JSBML extensions, and also provides additional (non-SBML) functionality via JSBML modules.

Using JSBML extensions

SBML Level 3 is a modular format, with optional Level 3 ‘‘packages’’ that add additional format features. To work with SBML packages using JSBML, you need to add the JSBML extensions that implement the desired packages. You can check out all extensions at once using this method:

# Check out all JSBML extension packages as one repository:
svn co JSBMLext

Or you can create a separate repository for each package you are interested in:

# Download an individual extension package, for example the layout package:
svn co Layout

Here you can see all currently available SBML packages for JSBML.

Using JSBML modules

You can check out the modules of JSBML as follows:

# The module for using JSBML-based applications on Android OS can be obtained here:
svn co jsbml-android

# Obtain the CellDesigner bridge here:
svn co celldesigner

# The JSBML/libSBML compare module contains test functions for comparion of both:
svn co compare

# And the libSBML compatibility module is available from this resource:
svn co libSBMLcomp

# The libSBML communication layer can be found here:
svn co libSBMLio