SBML Level 3 Layout (“layout”)

This page summarizes the current development status of the SBML Level 3 Layout Package (known by the label “layout”). If you use this Package in your work, please cite the publication associated with the package in addition to the core Level 3 specification, to give credit to the package developers.

This table is generated automatically from the row for “layout” in the SBML Level 3 Package Status spreadsheet.
Package purpose:Support for storing the spatial topology of a network diagram; adjunct to the render package
Package status:Final specification approved and two independent implementations are available
Latest version:Version 1 Release 1 (13th August 2013)
Specification URL:
Please cite this publication if you use this package →Gauges, R., Rost, U., Sahle, S., Wengler, K., & Bergmann, F. T. (2015). The Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) Level 3 Package: Layout, Version 1 Core. Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 12(2), 550-602
Publication DOI:10.1515/jib-2015-267
RELAX NG schema:A final schema is available
LibSBML status:A full (with respect to the specification) implementation is available
JSBML status:A full (with respect to the specification) implementation is available
Working group mailing list:sbml-layout

About the schemas: for finalized Level 3 Packages, libSBML and JSBML provide built-in validation, and the use of a schema is unnecessary. For not-yet-finalized Packages and applications not using libSBML or JSBML, the basic RELAX NG schemas enable syntactic validation using an RNG schema processor. A separate page provides more information about the use of schemas.

Notes about this specification

The “layout” specfication is considered stable and in use.