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Discussions about SBML and related topics takes place over Google Groups, Stack Overflow, and some legacy mailing lists hosted on SourceForge.

The Google Groups are where most questions are asked and the latest developments discussed. Please see the table below for more information about the different lists/groups available. Note: clicking on the links will take you away from and to pages at is not affiliated with Google in any way.

Google Group & archive Purpose
sbml-discuss Main list for SBML development and community interaction. Questions about libSBML or JSBML or should be posted to the forums below. Announcements related to SBML-compatible software are accepted, but no other advertisements are permitted.
libsbml-development Technical discussions specifically about libSBML and its development, including requests for new features and questions about its operation.
jsbml-development Technical discussions specifically about JSBML (a pure Java SBML library) and its development.

Stack Overflow

SBML has its own tag on Stack Overflow, a popular question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. Note: is not affiliated with Stack Overflow in any way.

Stack Overflow
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Mailing lists for SBML Level 3 Package Working Groups

Package Purpose of SBML Level 3 package Discussions
Arrays Support for expressing arrays of things mailing list
Hierarchical Model Composition A means for defining how a model is composed from other models mailing list
Distributions Support for encoding models that sample values from statistical distributions mailing list
Dynamic Processes Support for creating and destroying entities during a simulation mailing list
Flux Balance Constraints Support for constraint-based (a.k.a. steady-state) models mailing list
Groups A means for grouping elements mailing list
Layout Support for storing the spatial topology of a network diagram; adjunct to the render package mailing list
Multistate, Multicomponent and Multicompartment Species Support for representing entities with multiple states and composed of multiple components, and reaction rules involving them mailing list
Qualitative Models Support for models wherein species do not represent quantity of matter & processes are not reactions per se mailing list
Rendering Support for defining the graphical symbols and glyphs used in a diagram of the model; adjunct to the layout package mailing list
Spatial Processes Support for describing processes that involve a spatial component, and describing the geometries involved mailing list